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Uncompromised, Scale EDF Performance!

The iconic F-100D is the first of the USAF’s legendary “Century Series” fighters that ushered in the era of supersonic military aircraft. The F-100, also known as “the Hun,” served in a variety of roles including air-to-air fighter, attack fighter and also served on several demonstration teams.

Designed by multi-time Top Gun Champion David Ribbe, the model F-100D is brought to life in a convenient, yet uncompromised package. David spent countless hours on every detail, from the complicated aerodynamics of the intake and tail pipe, to the smallest of scale markings, not only to provide scale realism, but also incredible flight performance.

With two color scheme options available, you can emulate your favorite Thunderbird, or take your camouflaged F-100D back to that bombing mission in Vietnam. Both trim scheme variants include premium water slide decals so you can customize your F-100D with various squadron variants or select your favorite Thunderbird to represent. All other common decals come applied at the factory.

The Aura 8 Advanced Flight Control System comes programmed and installed in the F-100D, making setup a breeze. This highly-refined 3-axis gyro makes the F-100 fly like it is a larger aircraft and in less wind. Thanks to the Aura’s advanced implementation, it not only enhances the flying experience, but it never interferes with the Pilot’s control.

These features combine to offer a jet that carries energy, flies big and performs more like a large turbine jet than a typical foam EDF. Want a scale EDF experience like no other? The Flex Innovations F-100D is the ticket to uncompromised scale EDF performance.


  • 3-Axis Gyro system Programmed and Installed (Aura 8 AFCS)
  • Expertly Engineered Ducting and Inlet Lips
  • Electric Retracts with Gear Door Sequencer (installed)
  • CNC-Machined Shock-Absorbing Main Struts with Trailing Link Nose Gear Strut (installed)
  • Ball-Link Connections on all Flight Control Surfaces
  • Ball Bearing Supported and Mass-Balanced, All-Moving Stabilizers
  • Navigation and Anti-Collision Lights (Installed)
  • Removable Scale Drop Tanks (2 Included)
  • Removable Scale Bombs (4) Included with the Camouflage Variant
  • Large Battery Compartment with Single Latch for Easy Battery Access
  • EPO Foam Construction with Additional Carbon and Plywood Reinforcement in Key Areas
  • 11-Blade, 90mm Ducted-Fan (installed)
  • Potenza 60BLDF 1600kV Brushless Outrunner Motor (installed)
  • V-Good 100A ESC with 8A External Switching BEC (installed)
  • (7) Potenza DS-15 digital Metal Gear Flight Control Servos (installed)
  • (2) Potenza DS-12 digital Servos For Gear Doors and Nose Wheel Steering (installed)
  • 3 to 5 Minute Flight Times Depending on Battery and Throttle Management
  • Fits a Wide Array of Batteries, from 4200 to 6200mAh (6S)


Gyro System Programmed & Installed (Aura 8 AFCS)

Expertly Engineered Ducting

Digital Servos and Ball Link Connections

Potenza 60BLDF 1600kV Motor

11 Blade 90mm Ducted Fan

Shock-Absorbing Main Struts

Always check the WIKI for the latest Manual Updates and User Advice and Information!

Wingspan: 45.7” 1162 mm
w/o Pitot
55.5” 1410 mm
Weight: 7 lb 8 oz 3.36 kg (with 6S 5200 battery)
Channels: 7* 7+ channel computer transmitter
Battery: 6S 4000 – 6200 mAh

F-100D Support:

Spare Parts Manual Wiki Support

Aura Support:

Aura Spare Parts Aura Config Tool Aura User Guide Aura Wiki Support Aura How To Videos


F-100D Super Sabre – Seth Arnold – Raw, No Ordinance!



Seth Flies the F-100D at Florida Jets without Ordinance!



Seth Flies the F-100D at Florida Jets Fully Loaded with Ordinance!


F-100D Optional Parts and Accessories


F-100D Replacement Parts


3 reviews for F-100D SUPER SABRE 90MM EDF SUPER PNP

  1. Jeffrey Mitchell (verified owner)

    I finally got around to flying the F-100. 5 flights total today. Overall I’m very happy with the jet. Very, very nice flying EDF.

    It’s no speed demon with the factory power system. But it does have what I would call good power. Our club is at about 4500’ so the air is a little thin up here. Speed is moderate, but it still has decent vertical performance out of a full power low pass.

    The highlight for me is the factory set Aura 8. In my opinion it is extremely well balanced with the flight controls. Takeoffs and landings on high rates, and low-rates for flying around. Roll rate and exponential settings are very comfortable. A job well done to the Flex designers and flight test crew. Another observation. I think the included servos are quality. They appeared to reach end point and center very consistently on the bench, and that was verified while flying today.

    I found the manuals CG recommendation to be very good for my preferred flying style. Just a touch of down elevator when inverted. Good elevator authority on short final to touch down.

    Another surprise was the rudder authority. It’s very effective. Four point rolls are so pretty. The F-100 holds the knife edge position of a 4 point roll with just a light rudder input.

    I tend to be heavy on the throttle. I like fast flying. So for me a 3 minute timer with one landing approach would yield about 20% left in a 6s 5500 60c pack. Just enough left for a missed approach and second landing attempt if needed.

    Is it a speed demon? No. Does it have good power? Yes. Am I happy? Very.

  2. steve.mizerany (verified owner)

    Received my plane quickly and undamaged. Overall pleased with the quality and finish. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because the fuselage was marred with cosmetic touch-ups. I don’t mind touch-ups as long they’re neat. But the touch-up paint was smeared on with a brush. There were several spots on the fuselage, some 1″ and 2″ square. Very noticeable. I painted over them, keeping within the panel lines. Looks much better now.
    I was also missing two screws and two nuts needed to attach the elevator pushrods to the servos arms. (missing hardware seems par for the course for any ARF, regardless of where you buy it from.)
    Also, there is no tube in the wings where the spars go. The spar slides right into foam. Seems like the foam would compress and start to flex after awhile. Time will tell.
    Other than that, the rest of the plane is gorgeous and the overall quality of parts and electronic is superb.
    I’ve not flown it yet, but having watched other club members fly theirs and listening to their comments, I’m sure this will be one of my favorites.

  3. Hans Vandongen (verified owner)

    Converted the F100 to a X45 turbine, it performs excellent, with all stores underwing it looks and flies very good.
    Aileron deflection can be scaled back a bit. Flaps are very effective, all in all great little jet.

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