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October, 2022
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Save BIG on select items when purchased with the Mamba 70cc!


Only 4 left in stock


The Mamba 70cc combines light weight with large wing area. Experience and intense attention to every aerodynamic and geometric detail allow a biplane experience not available anywhere else!

Starting with a Model 12, Kevin Kimball of Jim Kimball Enterprises and Quique Somenzini have made various changes to further refine the design, and perfect it as a 3D model. These changes include a new sleek cowling, more wing chord, and revised wing tips and ailerons.

Light wing loading and absolute minimum control coupling are key to great 3D performance and the Mamba excels in this area as demonstrated by its 2070 sq. in. of wing and a flying weight of less than 19 pounds! Years of F3A and 3D biplane experience make Quique uniquely qualified to design the Mamba to fly just right.

  • Plug in upper and lower wings with pinned inter-plane struts for easy transport
  • Balsa, Ply-wood, construction
  • Gigantic control surfaces for extreme 3D performance
  • Precise Aerobatics with minimum control coupling
  • Super-light Rigid Airframe
  • Custom G10 Control Horns for Optimized Throw and Precision
  • Painted Fiberglass Wheel Pants and Cowling
  • Main Hatch and Auxiliary Forward hatch removable tool-free with one Latch
  • Optional Shark Teeth Leading edge for reduction of Wing Rock and enhanced low speed control
  • Factory applied trim scheme
  • Easy to modify for Electric Motor
  • (6) Brushless Ultra-Torque Digital High Voltage Heavy Surface Servos Installed (FPZDS41611BLHV-H)
  • (5) Potenza 25 Tooth Aluminum Single Servo Arm, 1.25″ radius, red, 4-40 threaded, installed (FPZA0001)
  • (1) Potenza 25 Tooth Aluminum Double Servo Arm. 1.25″ radius, red, 4-40 threaded, installed (FPZA0002)
  • All possible Hinges and Control horns installed
  • Some servo extensions provided

  • Power (50-70cc Gas) DA70 Recommendations Shown
    • DA 70cc Twin Cylinder Engine (FPMDA70)
    • Exhaust System:
      • DA Open Stock Muffler (FPMDA70MUFLR)


      • DA 2 to 1 header (45mm Drop) (contact us)
      • MTW TD110H rear discharge canister
    • Tru-Turn 5 in. Aluminum Spinner P-51 style, Hollow Back Plate (FPMTT5)
    • Falcon 24×9 gas. Carbon Fiber Propeller (FPMPFC2409)
    • 15mm Engine Standoffs (FPM1124)
  • Control
    • Aura 8 Open Stock AFCS (FPZAURA08)
    • (1) Standard Size Digital HV Servo (Throttle) (DS19410TGHV)
    • (6) Brushless Ultra-Torque Digital HV Heavy Surface Servos (Installed in SV) (FPZDS41611BLHV-H)
    • (5) Single side 1.25″ radius aluminum servo arm (Installed in SV) (FPZA0001)
    • (1) Double side 1.25″ radius aluminum servo arm (Installed in SV) (FPZA0002)
    • 8+ Channel Computer Radio recommended
    • 8+ Channel Receiver and Rx Batteries
  • Misc
    • Wing Bag Set for Main Wings – Order two sets (FPM357018)
    • ISDT D2 Charger (ISDTD2)
    • (2) Receiver Batteries (FPZBR20002s15)
    • Ignition Battery (FPZBR13002S25 w/regulator or as Required by engine manufacturer)

    Always check the WIKI for the latest Manual Updates and User Advise and Information!

Wingspan: 77.2″ 1961mm
Length 79.5″ 2020mm
Weight: 20lb 13oz 9.43kg
Engine: Ignition 50-70cc
Channels: 5-8*
Servos: 7+


Yellow Trim Scheme Colors
33 Cadmium Yellow HANU872 Bright Yellow
91 Silver HANU881 Silver
71 Black HANU874 Black
10 White HANU870 White


Red Trim Scheme Colors
22 Bright Red HANU883 Flame Red
91 Silver HANU881 Silver
71 Black HANU874 Black
10 White HANU870 White


Blue Trim Scheme Colors
60 Orange HANU877 Orange
50 Blue HANU873 Deep Blue
53 Sky Blue HANU875 Sky Blue
91 Silver HANU881 Silver
10 White HANU870 White

Click for notes regarding Spektrum Radio Installations <


Seth Arnold – Mamba 70cc – One Take



Quique Demo



Gernot Bruckmann Flies his Mamba 70cc!



Seth Flying the Mamba Electric at SEFF 2016 by Flying Giants



Mamba 70cc – Quique’s Stick View!



Seth Arnold flies the Mamba 70cc at Flite Fest East 2018


Mamba 70 Optional Parts and Accessories


Mamba 70 Replacement Parts


3 reviews for MAMBA 70CC

  1. jdmims52

    I can’t believe no one else hasn’t written a review for this plane . It is one of the nicest Bi Planes I’ve ever flown . The are three at our field and one was just maiden and flown by someone that has flown Heli’s but only a Radian a couple of times. This is what he soloed with ! It’s such a nice precision flyer and easy to land . It’s a Big Plane but handles almost as a Trainer would . One more member has indicated he would like to have one. Great Plane and is easy to see for such a Old Codger like me . Highly Recommended !!!

  2. Enrique Ariztia

    I bought the ARSFV version
    About the plane in simple words…it is great!!!. In 3D and in pattern flies really great.
    About the servos…really bad servos. I’m flying my plane with a Powerbox Pioneer and I had to initially change 4 of the 6 because fail.
    I end up changing all of them to new Hitec D950TW…100 times better in all aspects.

  3. Gregorio Dunayevich

    Gregorio Dunayevich – July 31, 2022
    Dear RC flyers, it was a surprising pleasure to build this plane; how easy and perfect every part matched the other! If I were told I hadn´t believed, you need to see to realize this perfection. I chose the electric option with E- Flite 360 brushless, which happened to be also an engine designed by QQ Somenzini. The maiden flight was terrific; the other flights were also a dream. If I could, I would sell all my other planes and buy only Flexinnovations RCmodels. Thanks, Quique Somenzini!!!!

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