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This is a 3D-printed base (made from ABS) for the FT Aura 5 Lite.

Requires the holes to be drilled for your particular screws/needs. We recommend the use of (4) M2 x 5 self-tapping washer-head screws to secure the FT Aura 5 Lite in place. Screws not included.

Color will vary and is luck of the draw.


Have a 3D-printer and want to print it yourself? Here’s the STL file for FREE!

FT Aura 5 Base STL

FT Aura 5 Lite not included.

2 reviews for FT AURA 5 LITE 3D PRINTED BASE

  1. tom edwards (verified owner)

    Very secure mount for the Aura5.
    There is also a clip-in version.
    I glue this down and then hot glue the perimeter. Mine is not going anywhere. Then screw down the Aura5 with 4 included screws.
    I prefer this method over double sided velcro/tape. It is rock solid. Aura can be removed by unscrewing the 4 screws.

    Good Mount

  2. Dustin Echler (verified owner)

    Purchased May 6, 2020. It’s a mounting plate, it does what it was designed to do. A bit pricey for a little piece of plastic but at least it came with screws included.

    The current description states screws are NOT included and you have to provide your own. I am hesitant to order more of these as I don’t have a good source for small screws locally. Just try searching for “M2 x 5 self-tapping washer-head screws” online, good luck finding anything relevant. Flange screws might be a better search term but it still lacks results in the M2 size range. When you do find something that would work you have to purchase them in bulk for 3-5 times the cost of this mount. It’s absolutely ridiculous to put that on the consumer when it just makes good business sense to provide a complete usable product.

    You’re already charging $8 for a tiny bit of plastic filament, is it really that cost prohibitive to include the screws like you did initially?

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