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Aura 8 AFCS

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The Aura 8 is an advanced flight control system for fixed wing aircraft. It Is very lightweight and compatible with all major radio brands. You no longer need to spend a fortune, nor be restricted to specific radio types to experience state-of-the-art control.

The Aura 8 is designed to enhance the pilot’s experience, while not interfering with the pilot’s control. Your aircraft will fly as if it were bigger, and in less wind, even though it is as agile as you want it to be.

The Open Stock version of the Aura 8 ships with a blank configuration that can be configured to virtually any fixed wing aircraft. With easy to use features like Quick Set and Quick Trim, many aircraft (up to 2 aileron, 2 elevator, 1 rudder) can even be initially setup at the field using only a transmitter and a receiver with a digital data feed (DSM2/DSMX Satellites, Futaba S.Bus, or SRXL/SRXL2 (Spektrum, JR Mode A and B, Jeti EX Bus, and Graupner SumD).

The Aura Config Tool , our free Windows Application, can be used to fine-tune and perfect your model. We’ve designed the Aura Config Tool with the Pilot’s ease of use in mind. With the ‘New Config File Wizard’ and example Aura Config Files available for download, you’ll be able to quickly setup the Aura for your aircraft.

The powerful 32-bit processor makes it virtually future proof. The micro USB port makes updates easy, not complex. The firmware can even be updated as new features become available. Today, the Aura 8 offers various three axis gyro stabilization modes (and yes, you can turn it off from the transmitter if you choose), but it’s new generation six axis sensor means it is ready for the future.

  • Enhanced Stability and Control for all types of Fixed Wing Aircraft
  • Connects easily to receivers or satellites from all major radio brands
  • Custom tuning through Windows PC, Laptop, or Tablet
  • 3+ Flight Modes allow precise or aggressive settings to be selected in the same flight
  • All flight modes are selectable with gyros “on” or “off”
  • 3 Axis Gyro modes for Precision and 3D Aerobatics
  • 6 Axis Sensor and powerful 32-bit processor allows for continuous expansion and feature updates
  • Quick Trim feature allows simplified storage of trim offsets inside of Aura for optimum flight performance
  • 24 Channel internal architecture makes Aura powerful and allows the user to setup an incredible variety of control solutions
  • Lightweight and durable plastic case
  • Includes Aura 8, Micro USB Cable, 4 ‘Servo’ Interconnect Leads, and Mounting Tape
  • Eight Servo Ports can be individually configured as (PWM) Inputs or Outputs
  • Two dedicated ports for Genuine Spektrum DSM® Satellites
  • Dedicated input port for single wire serial receiver connection via Futaba® S.BUS®, FrSky S.BUS® Spektrum® SRXL/SRXL2, JR® Mode B, Jeti EX-Bus, Graupner SumD) or analog PPM stream
  • Supports traditional receivers via (PWM) servo inputs (4 male to male leads included)
  • Micro USB Port for loading model programs, user programming, and firmware updates (Cable Included)

Check out the helpful video playlists under the Video tab above.
Always check the WIKI for the latest Manual Updates and User Advise and Information!

Dimensions: 38.2mm x 36.5mm x 14.5mm 1.50” x 1.43” x 0.57”
Weight: 13 grams 0.5 oz
Servo Port: Futaba/JR/Universal
Input Voltage: 4V – 10V DC
Channels: Up to 18 or more inputs Up to 8 unique gyro enabled outputs
PC Cable USB A -> Micro USB “B”

Aura Basics Playlist



Receiver Connections and DSM Remote Binding Playlist



Aura Intermediate Topics Playlist


4 reviews for Aura 8 AFCS

  1. Terry McFarlin

    The Aura 8 is an absolute must have now that I’ve tried my first and will be installed on every aircraft I build from now on (as long as I can afford it).
    There has been many attempts at stabilization over the years but the first time I flipped the switch I knew I this product was the real deal.
    Congrats and thanks to the team who created this wonderful innovation!

  2. Chad deQuevedo

    The level of detail you can go into when setting up a new plane really makes the Aura 8 a winner. I can see everything that I am doing from trimming the surfaces to testing the gains. You can fully customize flight modes. Every maiden flight since I started using Aura 8 AFCS has been easy and relaxing. Out of the 11 planes I have them in, I only needed to tweak one to fly a little better. That was adding some expo to the high rates on a really insane plane. I have them in planes from a little 40″ balsa fun flier to my 60 size biplanes and 3D planes, both foam and balsa. I have 2 on my bench right now waiting for me to pick out my next ARF. The gyros are amazing too, but to me that is just one part of what is inside these little red boxes.

  3. Doug Lindauer

    I’ve had an Aura 8 in 3 different planes: an F27 Stryker Q, a Flitetest Bloody Baron, and now a Pirana. It’s worked very well in all three planes and I plan on putting one in each of my 3 EDF’s. The software, the Aura Config Tool, is very well thought out and you can easily save and recall/tweak configurations on all of your planes. The only thing I would like to see is a video explaining all the configuration details that are available. I’ve had to work out a lot of them on my own with trial and error and I still don’t understand some of the terminology. The lack of good documentation is a common fault in this hobby. I’d have to say that most of the documentation in the hobby rates a 1 or 2 out of 10. I’d give Flex’s docs a 6 or 7.

    One of the really good things about the Aura is that you can choose to only use a satellite receiver and let the Aura control the servos. I didn’t even know that was possible before I got the Aura. That’s how I have my Pirana set up, i.e. using 1 satellite DSMX receiver. The Pirana came with an Aura Lite but I chose to put an Aura 8 in it and I’m very happy with that setup. For one thing it allowed me to have my LED lights on a switch and I could setup the rudders as speed brakes which helps on landings. The Aura does a great job on steadying my small electric planes so it gets a definite thumbs up from me.

  4. digitalest

    Excellent product! however, there needs to be an update regarding supporting material such as the youtube videos which are not detailed at all, Wiki pages has information but not well organized. Once I master this product I will make a tutorial video. I will try emailing support and she how well they answer my questions. I started out with the Aura8 if support is good then I will upgrade to Aura 12 Pro

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