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BIO: Quique Somenzini

Quique Somenzini

From his first steps in R/C, Quique Somenzini showed an interest in aerobatics and a love for competition. Supported by his family and mentored by his father Mario, a F3A Argentina National Champion, Quique quickly learned to fly and in a matter of months he was competing at his first F3A National Championships in Argentina. From that point (10 years old), he did not stop competing at an international level until 2009 and his passion for the flight continues to ignite and guide his life.

His biggest accomplishments in competition are:

  • F3A World Champion
  • 4 times TOC Champion
  • TOC Free Style Champion
  • Free Style World Champion
  • 4 times US F3A National Champion
  • 3 times Don Lowe Masters Champion
  • XFC Champion
  • 2 times Tucson Shootout Free Style Champion
  • 19 times F3A Argentina National Champion
  • 6 times South American Champion
  • Still holds the world record as the youngest F3A world championship competitor set in 1979 at 12 years of age.

Quique has won several other International Competitions and has competed in many more!
His passion for flying and designing is what made Quique different from many others and successful in his field. Innovation, creativity, and passion, together with natural flying skills, were the ingredients that made him a leader in the world of international aerobatics competition. This is why Quique was able to show the world for the first time, 3D aerobatics at the 1994 TOC.

In 1990 Quique became a professional in the RC industry when he was hired as a consultant for Futaba Corporation of America and later Futaba Corporation Japan. In 1991 Quique became a consultant for YS Engines Japan and later for OS engines Japan. By this time, he had written columns for several magazines around the world.

Quique was born in Rio Cuarto, Cordoba, Argentina and resided there until 1999. He moved to Chile, married his wife Sandra and they decided to move to the USA (2001). Once in the USA Quique joined JR/Horizon Hobby™ as a Team Member and represented them in international competitions, airshows, trade shows, hobby shops, etc. Somewhat later, Quique and his friend Wayne Ulery founded Quique’s Aircraft Company. They manufactured ARF airplane kits successfully until 2009 when Quique decided to take a full time position at Horizon Hobby’s product development headquarters in his new role as Director of New Category Aircraft.

In September 2013 Quique decided to leave Horizon Hobby to “start something”….later the idea matured and he co-founded Flex Innovations with David.

His highlighted accomplishments designing/developing are:

  • Co-designed with Bob Godfrey the “Godfrey” Extra 300L. Winning TOC 1994
  • Worked with APC props testing and then was the first pilot to compete in a F3A world championships using APC
  • Designed TOC winner 97, 98 & 99 Extra 300L for AeroWorks.
  • Introduced the Yak54 to the R/C Aerobatic scene
  • Participated in the development (as a consultant) of the Futaba® 9Z radio.
  • Participated as consultant in the development of the 12X JR® radio
  • Brought the 3W engines QS series to the market.
  • First pilot in the world to win a World Championship using a 2.4 GHZ radio system. (Argentina F3A World Championship 2007)
  • With Spektrum™ team brought the DX18 Quique Somenzini limited edition to the market
  • With Spektrum™ and Air team co-designed the AR-635 AS3X® receiver.
  • Consulted for several years with Desert Aircraft and participated in their engine programs.

His most popular designs and developed airplanes are:

  • QQAC Yak 54, 49”, 72”, 73”, 85”, 86”, 102”, 120”
  • QQAC Model 12 Python
  • AeroWorks Extra 300L
  • Hangar 9® Beast
  • Bolly Hovering Cobra
  • E-Flite® Carbon Z Cub™
  • Park Zone® VisionAire™
  • E-Flite® Ultra Micro Beast®
  • ParkZone® F-27Q Stryker™
  • E-Flite® Carbon Z Yak 54®
  • E-Flite® Leader 10
  • E-Flite®Brio 10
  • E-Flite® Pitts Model 12®
  • E-Flite Yak54 ETOC
  • E-Flite BypYak
  • E-Flite Divo
  • Hangar 9® Inverza 33™
  • Hangar 9® Inverza 62™
  • ParkZone® Artizan™
  • E-Flite® Addagio™
  • E-Flite® Yak54 3X™
  • E-Flite® Scimitar™
  • E-Flite® UMX Yak 54™
  • E-Flite® UMX™ Beast™ 3D
  • E-Flite® Splendor
  • Oxai Euphoria
  • Oxai Splendor
  • Oxai Ventura
  • PL Partner
  • PL Fiesta
  • ParkZone UMX F-27Q Stryker
  • E-Flite Beast 60e
  • Bolly Desafio 2000
  • R/C City Desafio II
  • E-Flite® QQ Edge 540
  • E-Flite® Inverza™ 280
  • E-Flite® Viking™ 280

Cooperated with Kevin Kimball at Jim Kimball Enterprises in the design of the full scale aerobatic Model 12® Beast™.

Cooperated with Kevin Kimball in the design of the full scale Inverza™

Today Quique resides in Venice, Florida with his wife Sandra and their three sons Luciano, Sebastian and Nicolas. He is very happy to be part of Flex Innovations Inc. as co-owner. He is ready and very excited to use his extensive experience and skills to bring the market innovative and revolutionary products. “I am very proud to be part of one, if not the most experienced and innovative teams in the industry. I am very excited to offer our customers: my experience, my skill and my energy, to be reflected through our products, our service and our company”.

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