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This receiver is compatible for use with the Aura line of Advanced Flight Control Systems on firmware V1.14 or newer.
The SRXL2 Protocol allows editing of many Aura parameters on the transmitter screen using the Aura Telemetry Tune feature. Compatible transmitter also required.
Flex Innovations uses this Rx for Aircraft up to 90 glow size or equivalent. Works with all Flex SPNP aircraft except (Review the Wiki for specifics)

Click Here for Wiki Content on SRXL2 use including a Video from Flite Test

NOTE: This Receiver is NOT compatible with the Cypher FLEXF3 PCB or Betaflight in general.


The Spektrum AR6610T 6-channel receiver is a DSM2 and DSMX compatible receiver with a compact footprint design to fit in a wide range of models. It will deliver lightning-fast input-to-output response that is perfect for high-performance applications such as 3D airplanes and helicopters. It features full range telemetry, integrated barometer to provide altitude and vario telemetry data without additional purchase. An SRXL2 port for an SRXL2 Remote receiver is available separately to eliminate the reflected signal fading and antenna blind spots that can affect 2.4GHz systems.

The AR6610T receiver throttle port includes SMART Throttle. When equipped with SMART Throttle the normal servo connector delivers the throttle signal to the ESC, plus the ESC can send telemetry data like voltage and current back to the receiver. The AR6610T receiver is compatible with the Spektrum Avian line of ESCs. For SMART Throttle to function you must have a SMART Throttle ESC paired with a SMART Throttle telemetry receiver, and a Spektrum DSMX transmitter with telemetry. An update for your transmitter may be required for Smart Technology features. See www.spektrumrc.com to register and update your transmitter.

Please Note:The DX7S and DX8 Gen 1 Spektrum Transmitters will not display Altitude or Variometer telemetry with the AR6610T receiver.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all Spektrum DSM2 and DSMX transmitters
  • SRXL2 Technology
  • Low Noise Amplifier – Helps Reduce Interference and Produce Extended Control Link Range
  • Features full range telemetry, integrated barometer to provide altitude and vario telemetry data without the need of additional sensors
  • Wide Voltage Input Range (3.5v -8.4v)
  • Two external antennas will ensure secure RF coverage from all angles of the aircraft
  • Dual Diversity Antennas
  • Bind Button for Easy Binding – No Plug Required
    • Provided directly from receiver (per Spektrum)
      • Flight log data
      • Battery voltage
      • RPM
      • Lap Timer
    • Provided by external device e.g.: Flight Controller (per Spektrum and as available)
      • Flight log if using more than 1 receiver
      • Battery voltage
      • RPM
      • Current draw and total mAh consumption
      • Temperature



Antenna Length: 6.10″ (155mm) and 7.32″ (186mm)
Band: 2.4GHz
Bind Method: Bind Button
Channels: 6 servo ports* + Serial Data
Fail Safe Yes
Governor No
Input Voltage: 3.3 – 8.4V
Length: 1.96″ (49.8mm)
Width: 0.94″ (23.3mm)
Height: 0.595″ (15.1mm)
Weight: 0.42oz (12g) including antennas
Modulation: DSMX
Number of Receivers: One w/2 Antenna
Range: Full
Telemetry: Integrated
Type: 6 CH Receiver with SRXL2 Serial
Water-Resistant: No