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Only 2 left in stock


Only 2 left in stock


Everyone wants more power and more flight time for their 10-class aircraft, but performance enhancements have always been limited by the power system and the 3S (11.1V) Li-Po’s they typically use. Going back to the drawing board, the Flex Innovations Team started over with a new idea: to use a totally redesigned power system, with a small, lightweight and inexpensive 6S (22.2V) Li-Po to totally revolutionize the performance of 10-class aircraft. What does this mean for you? No more dreaming, you really do get it all! More Power. More Flight Time. And most importantly; More Fun!

The RV-8 10E is based on the famous experimental aircraft, the Van’s Aircraft RV-8. Like its bigger brother, the RV-8 60E, the RV-8 10E has one of the widest flight envelopes of any aircraft. The RV-8 10E can cruise with the flaps down, or crank it up a notch with 3D aerobatics, offering expert and newer pilots alike something to enjoy. Designed by Quique Somenzini, the RV-8 10E is an aircraft that tracks well, maneuvers on a dime, and has incredibly friendly handling.

The Aura 8 Advanced Flight Control System (AFCS) is installed in the RV-8 10E with no additional programming required. The Aura 8 AFCS is a highly refined 3-axis gyro that makes the aircraft fly like its bigger and flying in less wind. Due to its advanced implementation, it is unobtrusive, feeling like there is nothing in the way of the pilot!

An incredible airframe designed by Quique Somenzini, coupled with the Aura 8 Advanced Flight Control System creates an experience that is not available anywhere else! From incredibly slow, flaps down cruising, to 3D maneuvers and faster sport and precision aerobatic flying, the RV-8 10E is a stunner that is sure to please everyone.


  • Light wing loading, with large control surfaces for an incredibly wide flight envelope and the ultimate in performance
  • New 6S (22.2V) Li-Po power system for more power and more flight time
  • Designed by World Champion, Quique Somenzini
  • Aura 8 Advanced Flight Control System enhances the flight without ever feeling intrusive. Its more than a gyro!
  • Optional Night Version includes internally-mounted LED’s in the wings, fuselage and stabilizers to illuminate the aircraft from the inside
  • Live-wing couples the flaps and ailerons for roll control, increasing the RV-8’s maneuverability
  • Scale navigation and landing lights installed (both Day & Night Versions)
  • 6061-T6 aluminum landing gear
  • Flex 12 x 5E light weight, wood propeller provides excellent thrust and fast throttle response
  • Two-piece wing with removable horizontal stabilizers for easy transportation and field assembly
  • Aileron and flap servos connect to the fuselage with a single connection per wing
  • Huge, quick-release top hatch for easy battery and equipment access
  • Traditional-style hinges offer free movement and great reliability over other hinging methods
  • Innovative ply-wood sub-frame and hollow EPO construction provides a light weight, while remaining stiff
  • Six DS-15 servos installed, with elevator and rudder servos mounted in the tail for precise control
  • Float-ready airframe for easy addition of floats
  • Unpainted Pilot figure included for easy user customization
  • Vortex generators for enhanced low speed control
  • Removable pilot allows for customization or easy replacement
  • Potenza 20-3D 600Kv motor is optimized for 6S (22.2V) Li-Pos
  • ZTW 50A ESC with 5.5V 8A BEC installed
  • Ball linkages utilized for secure and precise control
  • Custom control horns for optimized throw and precision
  • Simple field assembly with a single thumb screw for each wing panel.
  • Factory applied trim scheme


Aura 8 Advanced Flight Control System

(6) DS15 Servos Installed

Oversized Battery Hatch

Potenza 20-3D Motor

Single Connection Per Wing Panel

Navigation and Landing Lights Installed



Always check the WIKI for the latest Manual Updates, User Advise and other Information!

RV-8 10E Super PNP – Jase Dussia



Flex Innovations Super PNP Series – PNP Model with Flaps Setup


RV-8 10E Super PNP ON FLOATS – Quique Somenzini – RAW


Tail Heavy Productions – RV-8 10E Super PNP

Wingspan: 50.3 in. 1280 mm
Length: 44.6 in. 1135 mm
Weight: 62 oz. 1820g (with Potenza 6S 1800mAh 45C battery)
Channels: Minimum 6 Channels Required, 8 Channels Recommended for all Advanced Aura 8 Features
Battery: 6S 1300-1800 mAh
45C or higher for best performance

RV-8 10E Support:

Spare Parts RV-8 10E Manual Support Wiki RV-8 10E Float Manual

Aura Support:

Aura Spare Parts Aura Config Tool Aura User Guide Aura Wiki Support Aura How To Videos

RV-8 10E Optional Parts and Accessories


RV-8 10E Replacement Parts


Type Day/Night

5 reviews for RV-8 10E SUPER PNP

  1. dmorin

    I have the 60 size RV8 and love it – so I just had to have the little brother and what a dynamo it is! I fly it on a 1800 6S and a 2200 6S and both are excellent choices. This plane has tons of power! Unlimited vertical. 3D is exceptional – I am not an expert, but is does the fun stuff I like – hovering, tumbles, flat spins and knife edges. Best of all, with the Aura, i can fly it in windy conditions – like most of my other Flex Planes! And that is a BIG plus in the windier days here in SW FL. The fit and finish of this RV8 seems a step up from the other Flex planes that I have. Seems like the quality, fit and finish just keep getting better – and they we are pretty darn good to start. It’s probably why I now have 5 planes from Flex!!! Keep ’em coming Flex. Next up will be the Cessna 60 G2!!!

  2. Will Kuenzel (verified owner)

    I love my RV8 60e and when this one was released, I snapped one up immediately. I wanted all the great performance of the larger 60e in a smaller pkg that I can take just about anywhere fully assembled. The first thing you notice is QUALITY! Nothing flimsy here. The foam is VERY smooth and decals are applied very nicely with no bubbles or wrinkles. I found all the accessories and hardware to be great with no issues. I did replace the spinner with one from Extreme flight. Assembly is simple and doesn’t take more than 30 minutes. Setup on my Futaba 14SG was not difficult at all. I stumbled a little with the Aura setup, but that was my inexperience not a fault of the system. The Aura works perfectly and setup is really very easy. I would like to emphasize just how nice the servos are. I have never seen such smooth and precise servos on/in a plug and fly model. They are not noisy like cheap some servos that other brands use. Motor and esc are also excellent as is the very ice includes prop. Light’s work perfect and look amazing (I do not have night version)
    Flying the RV8-10e is very addictive. From the first take-off , trim and landing I was immediately in love with this beautiful model. It has monster power. I love hot dogging and carving up the sky, this airplane lives it too! Slow flight is amazing..it will walk off & onto the runway. Even without any Aura assistance this model is very docile with ZERO bad habits. When you want the speed and power, the 6S power is very satisfying. Keep in mind that this is a FOAM RV8 ARF, not an EDF jet.
    You will love this model from assembly to the maiden and well beyond. Flex has done it again. With every single penny.
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Thomas Black (verified owner)

    Maiden flight on my new RV8-10E today. I could not be more pleased. I set the plane up according to the manual and I did not have to touch the trims at all. The quality of the fit and finish of this plane was very good. The best I have seen from Flex. Flat spins, knife edge, inverted flight were all easy to do. Best of all it will fit in the back of my mid size SUV with no disassembly required. I am really pleased with this aircraft. Good Work Flex! This is my 5th Flex aircraft… They just keep getting better.

  4. tom edwards (verified owner)

    Great plane. It flies great, build was easy, and it is a well built plane. 5stars for the airframe and power plant. 3 stars for the rest, give it 4 stars overall. It is fun to fly and is much more capable of a plane than I am a pilot. It will give me lots of room to grow my piloting skills. Plane will take a 2200 6S. Flight time with light touch on the throttle is >10min. Much better than advertised. Gripes about it… 1) battery bay was not designed to actually hold the battery where it belongs. One strap only and it is too far forward to actually engage a 1800mA 6S. I added plywood and two straps where they needed to be to get the CG right. 2) Motor not pre-installed. A minor gripe, but why not pre-install it? I did not put thread lock on and the motor vibrated off on flight#2. My bad, but this seems to not happen on pre-installed motors. 3) Not a fan of Aura. A bit dated. Other receivers allow remote programming through the radio. Aura works, and I’ve flown with it, and without it and prefer without it. Using a Frsk X18 radio, and an Archer Rx I have full control of all control surfaces, and gains, instead of just 3 fixed modes. 3b) plane should be offered as a PnP option. FI makes great planes, but I don’t want to be locked into their flight controller. I have the option to take Aura8 out, but that just adds cost. I got the Eflite Rv7 when it came out this spring, and the FI RV8 blows it out of the water for performance and fun. I highly recommend this plane.

  5. Richard Smith

    I have two Cessna 170 60E, one red and also a yellow one. Also have a Mamba 10E and an RV8 60E. All of my 60Es have floats.
    When I saw the RV8 10E advertised I decided to get one with floats. This little RV8 is a real pussy cat, but when you pour the
    power on it really goes. Very aerobatic, I love the outside loops, which takes two plane lengths. I highly recommend Flex
    aircraft. Excellent quality and great performance. I found that the RV8s from Flex perform very much like the full-sized
    RV aircraft, in which I have several thousand hours of flight time

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