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Having designed and flown hundreds of Yak variants over the years, it is pretty evident that F3A and 3D World Champion Quique Somenzini is what many consider the Yak expert. Using his extensive knowledge of the Yak platform, Quique has designed a new Yak that further advances the performance of the popular line of aerobatic aircraft. Just like the full-size Yak 55, the QQ Yak 55 10E has an incredibly versatile aerobatic envelope. From insane XA flying, to old school low and slow 3D, the QQ Yak 55 10E brings aerobatic performance that is sure to please every level of pilot.

The QQ Yak 55 10E includes the Aura 8 Advanced Flight Control System (AFCS), which is the most highly refined 3-axis gyro on the market! The Aura 8 AFCS comes pre-configured and will make the aircraft fly like it is bigger and flying in less wind. Due to its advanced programming, it is unobtrusive, feeling like there is nothing in the way of the pilot.

The QQ Yak 55 10E includes the revolutionary 6S Raw Power System, delivering some serious horsepower. Couple that with an airframe that is rigid, yet lightweight and designed by world-renowned “Yakspert” Quique Somenzini, and you get an outstanding aerobatic performer. From mild to wild 3D, the QQ Yak 55 10E delivers effortless performance, that is sure to quickly become your new favorite flyer.


  • Extreme 3D and XA performance while remaining lightweight and friendly at all speeds
  • New 6S (22.2V) Raw Power system for more power and more flight time
  • Designed by F3A and 3D World Champion, Quique Somenzini
  • Aura 8 Advanced Flight Control System enhances the flight without ever feeling intrusive. It’s more than a gyro!
  • Huge quick release top hatch for easy battery and equipment access
  • (4) High-Voltage DS17HV servos installed, which provide incredible torque and speed for a more connected feel on the sticks
  • Ball linkages utilized for secure and precise control
  • Traditional-style hinges offer free movement and great reliability over other hinging methods
  • Optional Night Version includes internally mounted LEDs in the wings, fuselage, and stabilizers to illuminate the aircraft from the inside
  • Flex 12 x 5E light weight, wood propeller provides excellent thrust and fast throttle response
  • Two-piece wings secure with a single thumb screw to make installation and removal super simple
  • Removable horizontal stabilizers are secured with a single screw for easy storage or transport
  • Potenza 20-3D 600Kv motor is optimized for 6S (22.2V) Li-Pos and XA/3D aerobatics
  • 6061-T6 aluminum landing gear
  • Innovative plywood sub-frame and hollow EPO construction keeps the structure rigid, yet lightweight
  • ZTW 50A ESC with 7.4V, 5A BEC included
  • Custom control horns for optimized throw and precision
  • Factory applied trim scheme


Aura 8 Advanced Flight Control System

Flex 12x5E Wood Propeller

Large Canopy Hatch

6061-T6 Aluminum Landing Gear

Traditional-Style Hinges

(4) DS17HV Servos Installed



Always check the WIKI for the latest Manual Updates, User Advise and other Information!

QQ Yak 55 10E Jase Dussia


QQ Yak 55 10E – Quique Somenzini – RAW


Yak 55 10E with upgraded motor – DualSky XM3542 EA Motor


Flex Innovations Super PNP Series – Basic PNP Model Setup


Model AV8R QQ Yak 55 10E Overview w/Seth Arnold



Length: 46.2 in. (1173 mm)
Wingspan: 47.0 in. (1196 mm)
Weight: 53.5 oz. (1515 grams) with 6S 1500mAh Li-Po
Flight Time: Approximately 5 minutes on 6S 1500mAh Li-Po
Channels: 6+ (recommended)
Battery: 1300 to 1800 mAh 6S 45C+ LiPo

QQ Yak 55 10E Support:

Spare Parts Wiki Support Manual

Aura Support:

Aura Spare Parts Aura Config Tool Download Aura User Guide Aura Support Wiki Aura How To Videos


QQ Yak 55 10E Optional Parts and Accessories


QQ Yak 55 10E Replacement Parts


Type Day/Night

6 reviews for QQ YAK 55 10E SUPER PNP

  1. blakegreenville47

    Fun plane all around. This thing is a blast to fly the 6s power system is definitely worth it. 3ds really well and does crazy KE spins and high energy stuff. QQ designs really good stuff!

  2. Jay Cutler (verified owner)

    My favorite plane…….and I’ve got the Extreme Flights, Precision Aerobatics, etc. Very powerful, super responsive, easy and forgiving to land. Flying in 25 mph winds is a hoot. Can’t say enough good things about it.

  3. jdcarman60 (verified owner)

    There were no surprises putting the aircraft together except for the CG. This is the first aircraft that I measured the CG from the rear of the outer wing tip forward. I was disappointed that the C-clip from the rear motor shaft was missing just like the noticed stated. Other than, I have no complaints. The aircraft flew flawlessly. Tons of power and it flies like it is on rails with or without the Aura 8 being on. With the Aura 8 on maneuvers are made easier and landings are simple. If you’re looking for a plane that can feed your need for that 3D capable at a reasonable price, this is it. This has become my favorite aircraft after the second flight.

  4. Atindra Chaturvedi (verified owner)

    I don’t know why there are not more positive reviews of this plane. This winter in NJ there has seen little if any snow on the ground so we get to fly in freezing weather with 15 mph crosswind and sun low in the sky. The freeze/thaw cycles have left the grass field a battleground – But we fly ! The Yak 55 10e is excellent. I do not even check wind velocity – just charge up 6 – 7 packs and off to the field knowing the Aura 8 can handle the wind.
    The stock aluminum gear is holding up well.

  5. Mark Shilling (verified owner)

    This and my PIRAÑA are pretty much my go to planes to fly. Easy to transport, fly in any wind and performs awesome maneuvers. Can’t say enough good things about these Flex Innovations planes. Well thought out and a blast to fly.

  6. fredfisherpcc (verified owner)

    Will not disappoint! As a rookie,pilot ,the setup ,assembly was a snap. Instructions are very concise with no confusing blather. Robert H our local Flex Innovation rep is awesome in both out going personally and knowledge of the product. Quick start rates are excellent for my flying and need no tweaks. Put plane on its back, wingtip or anywhere, it stays right on track! Thanks Robert and Flex Innovation for a great Aircraft!

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