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Now available in 3S or 4S out of the box!


Save on select items when purchased with the QQ Extra 300 G2!


Famous and Revitalized!

The QQ Extra 300G2 is the second generation of the very popular and successful QQ Extra 300. Improvements from the Flex Innovations’ Design Team and valuable feedback from our customers around the world have been incorporated to evolve the QQ Extra 300G2 to the next level!

Now available in 3s or 4s!

You asked – We listened! The QQ Extra 300G2 is now available in 3s equipped with the Potenza 10 1400KV motor or 4s with the Potenza 10 1020KV motor!. All versions come with the proven ZTW 50A ESC that delivers more power that translates into more punch out from a hover and greater top speed. The new Potenza DS15 digital servos offer better precision and better reliability. Vibrant new color schemes bring outstanding visibility and modern flavor.

A perfectly balanced airframe and super light design have been combined with today’s most Advanced Flight Control System…the Aura 8. Using the Aura 8, the QQ Extra 300G2 gives an unmatched flying experience. Pilots will feel smooth, predictable and precise aircraft control without any bounce back or interference to pilot inputs. The aircraft will fly as if it were much larger with turbulent air being less noticeable, rotations stopping more precisely, and smoother landings!

The meticulous Quique Somenzini design and manufacturing of the QQ Extra 300G2 gives you light and stiff at the same time due to the hollow interior design with strength from carbon fiber in key locations. Because it is EPO, it remains tough and repairable.

The Night version now incorporates LEDs INSIDE the fuselage to increase visibility at darkness. A new LED controller that allow the pilot to turn the LED lights on/off in flight.

The QQ Extra 300G2 is all around the perfect airplane for those wanting to do sport flying or 3D aerobatics with maximum fun and minimal hassle! It’s the Go-To airplane!


  • Potenza 10 1400Kv BL motor for 3s operation
  • Potenza 10 1020Kv BL motor for 4s operation
  • New ZTW 50A ESC with 8A internal BEC
  • (4) Potenza DS15 digital servos
  • Innovative and redesigned plywood sub-frame connects the firewall to the wing spar while providing superior battery mounting and cooling
  • Advanced AURA 8 Control system with new Firmware (no bounce back)
  • Extreme 3D Performance
  • Precise Aerobatics with nearly zero control coupling
  • Super-light Rigid Airframe
  • Hollow wing with internal wood and carbon structure
  • 11.5 x 4.5″ Custom Tooled Somenzini-Ribbe (SR) Prop for awesome grip at all speeds
  • Wheel Pants to enhance scale appearance (removable)
  • Vortex Generators for low speed control
  • Custom Control Horns for Optimized Throw and Precision
  • Highly visible and modern factory applied trim scheme

Flight Stabilizer Installed

SR 11.5 x 4.5e Propeller

DS15 Digital Metal Gear Servo

SFG’s and Vortex Generators


Tough Plywood Sub-Frame

Potenza 10 1400kv BL Motor

Extreme Control Throws


  • Potenza 3S 2200 45C battery (FPZB22003S45)
  • Potenza 3S 2600 45C battery (FPZB26003S45)
  • Potenza (3) Male to Male Servo Connectors (FPZAU01)
    • Optional for ‘4 PWM’ (servo) Rx connections with traditional Receivers
  • Potenza Battery Analyzer (FPZA1010)
  • ZTW Programming Card (optional) (ZTWCARD)
  • Spektrum DSMX Remote Receiver (SPM9745)
  • Futaba R2001SB S.Bus S-FHSS Receiver (FUTR2001SB)
  • 6+ Channel Computer Radio recommended*
*Works with DX4e/5e class transmitters with downloaded special configuration file.

Always check the WIKI for the latest Manual Updates and User Advise and Information!

Add more Punch to your Extra with the optional 4S power System

Use the standard ESC with this battery and the stock propeller or the Flex 12 x 4E wood propeller for more Power!


Quique Flies the QQ Extra 300G2



Aura 8 AFCS – Basic PNP Model Setup



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Length: 47.8” (1215 mm)
Wingspan: 47.8” (1215 mm)
Weight: 3 lb, 0 oz. (1360 grams)
Wing Area: 572.5 sq. in (40 sq. dm.)
Channels: 5
Battery: 2200 – 3300 3S

QQ Extra Support

Spare Parts Support Wiki Instruction Manual DS-15 Servo Addendum

Aura Support:

Aura Parts Aura Wiki Aura Config Tool Aura How To Videos

QQ Extra Optional Parts and Accessories


QQ Extra Replacement Parts


Type Day/Night

6 reviews for QQ EXTRA 300G2 SUPER PNP

  1. Mike Peck

    I want to update my earlier review. After re-reading my review I realized I left out what possibly caused the loss of control. Upon examination after impact the Aura was loose, possibly from impact, but I don’t think so. I believe I had not gotten the Aura secured well enough to the airframe. So all of my issues were self inflicted. Thanks to a great support team and some personal tutoring from Rocky on the Aura config app I am now enjoying the QQ 300. Bottom line, it’s a great little airplane.

    Previous Review:
    I gave this a three due to a very painful learning curve of the AFCS Aura along with a couple of production issues discovered when trying to make repairs. Issues are listed in chronological order.
    Issue 1: The Aura would power up but it did not power up the Spektrum remote DSMx receiver. I even purchased a new receiver just to verify. The Aura was s pulled from the airplane and sent back. Of course it worked when tested at Flex and subsequently when I put it back into the airplane. Great!
    Issue 2: The landing gear did not allow the tires to run flat but caused them to run on the outside edges making steering very sensitive when taking off and landing. A little tweaking on the wire and problem solved. Flew a few times to set trims and then made the mechanical adjustments to the control linkages to zero Tx trim and sub-trim.
    Issue 3: Almost immediately after take off I experienced a loss of control. I did pull back the throttle but did not think to turn off the AFCS until it was too late. The aircraft impacted the ground nose first. There appeared to be minimal damage except that the motor now had far more up thrust that before, indicating a firewall repair. All this is disappointing but livable until I discovered I could not remove the motor to get at the firewall because screws would not come out. I assume glue must have gotten on the threads. The might have broken loose if they had been hex head instead of the easily strippable phillips. It now looks as if I am going to have to purchase an complete new fuselage. Very disappointing.

  2. Aaron Sluder

    This is a great flying plane and a total blast to fly. I’m giving it 4 stars as the control horns and clevises are junk. Very poor quality for the caliber of plane. Just plowed mine into the ground after loosing elevator due to faulty clevis. My advice would be to change them out before flying or maybe Flex should spend a couple more pennies on better hardware. Either way this plane is a great flyer and I do recommend with some mods.

  3. Tyler West

    When I opened, the box. I was a touch dissapointed by the fit and finish of the aircraft. I mostly fly balsa arf’s, but this plane was not as “pretty” out of the box as some other brand foamies (FMS, etc).

    But who cares, once you fly it, it is 5 stars. I use 2200 40c packs and 2600 40c packs, I much prefer the larger packs. The airplane doesn’t care about the weight and the extra flight time is nice. I would not recommend the 2200 packs when night flying- your flights will be short. I have used the aura many times in other planes, and I just used it right out of the box. I used a frsky FASST (futaba compatible) receiver with s-bus. When flown at my large rc club field, it has the “presence” of a larger plane, but I usually fly it in a hay field or in my back yard- often at night.It makes a decent 3d trainer. This is my first night flying plane and I love it- in my yard I have to 3d the entire flight due to the many trees, no problem, the aura locks in. I could probably fly it inside a basketball gymnasium if I was feeling crazy, but I can also “Big sky” it at my local club. Definitely worth the money spent. Many “pretty” foamies don’t last, mine is 1 year old, over 100 flights, and most landings are harrier landings in a hay field. The plane has held up.

  4. tom edwards

    A really fun and lively plane to fly. I’m an advanced beginner (or something like that) and I’ve really enjoyed flying and learning aerobatics with it. It is amazingly smooth, responsive, powerful, and stable all in one. I’ve flown it in pretty strong winds and it acts as if there is no wind at all. I can take my hands of the sticks and it is just rock solid. I would highly recommend this plane. I don’t know enough about 3D flying to know if this is a super 3D plane, but it seems to be quite capable. I’ve been getting 5+ minutes of flight time on a 3S 2200mA 60C Lipo. Landings have been pretty much soft harrier drops. Taxiing on well cut grass has not been a problem. Take-offs are nearly vertical. I purchased mine through FliteTest and it arrived quickly, and was well packaged.

    I took a star off for minor fit and finish issues. I have planes that cost less that have significantly better fit and finish. The foam in the nose is soft and like mush, the battery tray/strapping is underwhelming and I beefed it up, linkages are not high-quality, and I added a tab to the battery hatch to get it opened without digging into the foam. I would like the winglets to be removable so I could store the plane in the original packaging. Those are all minor fit and finish issues, though it seems it would not have cost much to improve them all.

    But… the plane flies great, and is a lot of fun. Go get yourself one.

  5. Will Kuenzel (verified owner)

    It’s like magic! ..actually it IS magic! I can not even get my head around just how good the QQ Extra 300 G2 flys! I have airplanes from Extreme f***** & 3DH that are 48″ +/- & I have to be honest, I like the QQ 300G2 more than those. First the VERY obvious..price! The QQ 300G2 only $299.00 for day version & for $20.00 more you can have the super cool night version!
    Now factor in, you pull the QQ 300G2 from the box with a great motor and esc, really nice servos, a prop, and the incredible Aura Flight control system & a super tough foam airframe that stands up far better than a built up wood airframe ..especially those airframes that are purpose built to have an insanely high power to weight ratio. Yea, sure I like wood airframes, I have many that I built from kits and bought in ARF form..but for about $350.00 I have a VERY nice 3D/aerobatic airplane that will do whatever you ask of it, excellent quality foam airframe (best you will find on today’s market by far) really nice quality electronics, and to top it off Quique Somenzini and his team at Flex innovations are a pleasure to deal with, even after the sale.
    I can’t even tell you how nice it is to have such a nice flying model to fly 3D and aerobatic sport with, that I can’t put in my mid size SUV..even my Corvette in one piece, ready to rip & not have to worry about it getting broken or beat up like my more expensive wood models. Will be buying a few more !
    I have 27 flights on the 300G2 & love it more than before.
    I also bought the Flex Vans RV-8 6S 50″ span… stunning quality and Flys like a dream! Loving Flex!

  6. Sanka Perera (verified owner)

    This was one of my first 3d Planes; so keep that in mind when reading my review. I bought it at the same time as I procured an old parkzone visionaire. The styling and design elements are very similar but the Aura 8 is probably the biggest difference. Everything about the fit and finish is true–its like a B+-which would be my biggest gripe. My night leds on 1 wing didn’t work out of the box, but Flex was cool and sent me a new wing. The setup is also slightly more involved for the Aura 8, so just keep in that in mind when you buy this. I flew it with just a receiver and then with the aura/receiver. I really like it! The parkzone visionaire had a gyro but you could tell when the gyro was doing stuff for you. The Aura kind of melts into the background but I could tell it makes me look better then I really am. This plane is also very “floaty”–it gives you alot of time to correct in the air. Its also like a glider when it comes to landing–you always need more room then you think (unless you drop it in). Because of this, its pretty easy to fly this plane in small places. I’ve taken it to big fields but I never end up using the entire field. Finally, the plane just looks cool. I never thought 3d Planes were beautiful but its really grown on me. I added a shark teeth decal on the front nose (add that for V3 Flex!!!!)

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