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Early August, 2022
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Masterfully scaled from the iconic Cap 232EX, World Champion Quique Somenzini designed the QQ Cap 232EX to create an experience never seen before. Optimized aerodynamics combined with the Aura 8 revive the Cap 232’s flying performance to highest Flex Innovations standards. Carbon fiber is molded into the EPO foam throughout the fuselage and wings. A plywood sub-frame secures the power system and the aluminum landing gear ensuring the airframe is lightweight and rigid. The QQ Cap 232EX offers astonishing rock-solid, stable 3D aerobatic capability, along with smooth, predictable precision flying.

The perfect “next step” 3D aerobatic airplane to follow the QQ Extra 300 or Mamba 10!
Flex Innovations has tuned and matched both the air-frame and power plant to offer amazing flight times of 7-12 minutes. The Cap 232EX comes factory preset with the latest Aura 8 version 1.10 firmware allowing for increased stabilization and reduced “bounce back”. Aura 8 connects via USB to your windows Tablet or PC, ensuring you have full adjustment of all settings and the latest firmware updates from the Flex Innovations Team.

The Night Version has an array of factory installed LED’s and includes an LED controller that is operated by your transmitter. The LED’s are operated off external 3s Li-Po or from the balancing connector of the 6s Li-Po motor pack . The internally mounted lights make the wings, fuselage, stab, and fin glow, creating an airplane that is bright but not blinding.


  • Pre-Programmed Aura 8 FW v1.10 Advanced Flight Control System (installed)
  • No control coupling, something never seen on a Cap 232!
  • (4) Potenza DS34-c HV, high voltage metal gear high speed servos (installed)
  • Light wing loading for easy handling
  • 7 to 12-minute flight times depending on battery choice and throttle management
  • Large choice of batteries 2800 to 5200 mAh on 5S or 6S
  • Potenza 60 3D for amazing power and efficiency (installed)
  • 80A ESC with external 8A BEC at 7.4V (installed)
  • Ball Link connections on all control surfaces
  • Scale lines, and extra scale details bring the Cap 232 to life!
  • Large battery compartment from top with single latch allows for easy access
  • Innovative plywood sub-frame connects the motor securely to the fuselage while providing superior battery mounting and cooling
  • Hollow wing with internal wood and carbon structure
  • 16 x 6″ custom tooled Somenzini-Ribbe (SR) Prop for awesome grip at all speeds
  • 2-piece plug-in wing with removable SFG’s make transportation a breeze
  • Lightweight pilot bust included and easily removable for customization
  • 3.5mm Aluminum Main Landing Gear


Large Access Hatch and Top Wing Screw Access

Hollow Wing and Fuselage w/Carbon

HV Servos and Ball Links

Potenza 60 3D Motor

Strong Box Structure and Aluminum Landing Gear


  • Flight Battery: 6S 2800 to 5200mAH 30C+ or 5S 2800 to 5200 30C+
  • 6+ Channel Computer Transmitter
  • 6+ Channel Radio Receiver (see manual)
  • Battery Charger

Choose your accessories!
Sporty on 5S, and Extreme on 6S!
Wingspan: 60.2” 1531 mm
Length: 58.2” 1479 mm
Weight: 6 lb 3 oz 2.81 kg (with 6S 3500 battery)
Wing Area: 792 sq in 51 sq dm
Channels: 5-6* 6+ channel computer transmitter
*Sixth CH required for switchable Night LED’s
Battery: 2800 – 5200 mAh
For ultimate 3D performance
Battery: 2800 – 5200 mAh
For great sport aerobatic performance

For Spektrum users, our highest recommended receiver is the AR8010T

For Futaba users, our highest recommended FAST receiver is the R7008SB or R6303SB. For FHSS, the R2008SB.


QQ Cap 232EX with Flex Team Pilot Lane Walker



QQ Cap 232EX with Quique – One Take on 6S 3500



QQ Cap 232EX with Seth – One Take on 6S 3500



QQ Cap 232EX – Night Version



Model Aviation Review – QQ Cap 232EX


QQ Cap 232 Optional Parts and Accessories

QQ Cap 232 Replacement Parts


Type Day/Night

4 reviews for QQ CAP 232EX 60E SUPER PNP

  1. Matt Coleman (verified owner)

    I wanted a good sports plane that I could toss in the air and fly hard and not be too worried about anything. I also fly helis so I have a lot of big 6 cell packs so this was a clear option. I ordered on Sunday and got the plane on Thursday (I live in Iowa). I put it together that Saturday, checked the CG on Monday and maidened it. It flies great and has lots of power. I have my CG a little forward of what was recommended and will move it back a little at a time.

    So why did I ding a star. Well two things really. I knew I’d have to adjust the surfaces a little but all where off quite a bit. I ended up spending a couple hours getting the horns as close to 90 as possible then trimming. I then had to adjust every linkage. Little annoying but on maiden required a few clicks of aileron and it was good. The other thing I noticed was the first time I pulled the battery out. I opted to put down an inch wide layer of Velcro down so that the battery wouldn’t slide around (I only used the front loop to get CG). When I pulled the battery out the plywood ripped up with it (a layer). Every time I pulled the battery up more plywood would come up with it. I plan to epoxy in another layer and then use some thin CA to strength it and then put down some Velcro. That should give it the strength it needs for the security I feel it needs.

    Those two issues are small but annoying enough to ding a star. I am still glad I bought it and hope to get in some night flying with it this summer.

  2. Joseph Rubinstein

    Both I and my friend maidened this model yesterday. Some observations. First binding procedure. There should be a receiver pack image as part of the diagram in the instructions when using two Spektrum satelites. Reason is that most everyone is used to power up the model with a power pack through the ECS when binding. The binding procedure being different here should be clear. I have made several attempts at binding but it failed every time till I used the receiver pack. Maybe it’s just me and habits acquired over the years. My real compliant is the about the landing gear screws and ease of stripping them. Too small and too soft a metal. One more issue. There is no way of holding the prop shaft while tightening the prop. And last..the aileron servo connectors need replacing. They are supper tight and I managed to pull of the wrong end the first time out. I will be replacing them.
    The plane flies great otherwise.

  3. simmsfinancial (verified owner)

    What an awesome plane big size easy to see in the sky. I fly a Mamba at 10 and a QQ 300 and this is the next step in your 3D achievements. Trimmed playing out in standard mode then put it in expert mode and what fun we had then. The three modes that expert mode gives you are awesome playing with knife edge with absolutely no coupling it’ll flat spin easier than anything else I’ve ever tried. If you’re looking for a large foamie to do 3D this is the best choice. Thanks Flex

  4. Jay Cutler (verified owner)

    Having flown the Mamba 10 and QQ300 I find the CAP more powerful and more pleasant overall to fly. Very stable and aerobatic. Went together perfectly.

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