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Save BIG on select items when purchased with the Mamba 60E!


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With many decades of aerodynamic designs and having won F3A and 3D world championships with his biplane designs, Quique Somenzini strives for the utmost in flight perfection. Starting with a Model 12 from Jim Kimball Enterprises, Quique has made various aerodynamic and geometric design changes over the years to further refine the performance of the Model 12, and perfect it as a 3D and aerobatic model biplane. These years of design experience and astute attention to every aerodynamic detail allow an aerobatic biplane experience not available anywhere else!

The Mamba 60E takes that core design a step further, combining a stiff, yet light weight structure with massive amounts of wing area for the lightest wing loading possible. Quique has also minimized control coupling and matched this modern airframe design with explosive power to unleash to incredible 3D performance.

The foam EPO structure is highly optimized using various materials in key locations like carbon fiber and plywood to create an aircraft that is stiff and strong, yet light in weight. The Mamba 60E’s motor and aluminum landing gear is mounted to its plywood sub-structure, keeping everything rigid and lightweight.

Each of the four wing panels are easily removed by one screw to make transportation to the field a breeze. The interplane struts use retention pins to be secured to the wings.

The Aura 8 Advanced Flight Control System brings out the best of every airframe. It makes the aircraft fly as if it is larger and more stable and minimizes the effect of the wind. Pilots also rave about its direct and true feeling and its ability to NOT feel ‘in the way’.

All of this combines to make the Mamba 60E an unbeatable performer in a massive yet convenient size!

The Mamba 60E is fully licensed by Jim Kimball Enterprises.


  • Factory programmed and installed Aura 8 Advanced Flight Control System (AFCS)
  • Incredibly light wing loading for easy flight handling and performance
  • Amazing aerobatic capability
  • Two-piece top and bottom wings with metal interplane strut retention pins for quick assembly and easy transportation
  • Hollow EPO foam construction with carbon fiber and plywood reinforcements in key areas for light weight and easy repairs
  • Innovative plywood sub-frame securely connects the motor, lower wing tube and landing gear
  • Large control surfaces with extreme amounts of deflection to excel in 3D aerobatics
  • Large removable top hatch for easy access to the battery
  • Ball Link connections on all control surfaces for precise control
  • Rudder and elevator servos are mounted in the rear of the fuselage for precise push-pull control
  • Hobbywing 80A ESC with external 7.4V/8A HV SBEC
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum landing gear offers increased durability
  • (6) DS-34HV metal gear, digital, mini servos for all control surfaces
  • Powerful all-metal 65-size 550kV motor offers astonishing power and performance
  • Custom-tooled Somenzini-Ribbe (SR) 16x6E propeller for awesome grip at all airspeeds and RPM.
  • Custom-tooled control horns for optimized control throw and precision
  • Clear canopy with pilot for enhanced realism


Easy field assembly

Clear canopy with pilot and instrument panel

Large battery compartment

Potenza 65-3D Motor

Potenza DS-34HV servos with ball link connections




Jase Dussia Mamba 60E



Quique and Seth fly the Mamba 60E at Sunset!



Spencer Nordquist flies the Mamba 60E, Uncut!



Aura 8 AFCS – Basic PNP Model Setup



Mamba 60E Overview with Quique Somenzini



Flex Innovations Mamba 60E – Seth Arnold – One Battery #1



Mamba 60E with Quique Somenzini – One Battery on Potenza 6S 4200mAh 40C


Wingspan: 53.2” 1353 mm
Length: 57.0” 1447 mm
Weight: 7 lb. 11 oz. 3.51 kg. (with 6S 4200 battery)
Wing Area: 1181 sq. in. 76 sq. dm.
Channels: 5-6* 5+ channel computer transmitter
Battery: 6S 4200 – 5200 mAh

For Spektrum users, our highest recommended receiver is the AR8010T

For Futaba users, our highest recommended FAST receiver is the R7008SB or R6303SB. For FHSS, the R2008SB.

Spare Parts Wiki Manual Addendum

Aura Support:

Aura Spare Parts Aura Config Tool Aura User Guide Aura Wiki Support Aura How To Videos

Mamba 60e Optional Parts and Accessories


Mamba 60e Replacement Parts


Type Day/Night

2 reviews for MAMBA 60E SUPER PNP

  1. REX Birkinbine (verified owner)

    Got my Mamba 60E last week and maidened her today. From the first flight it was locked in and a joy to fly.

    Very easy assembly and outstanding power and handling with the Aura 8 that required no programming.

    Get one and you will love it.

  2. Thomas Black (verified owner)

    I did my maiden on the Mamba 60 on Saturday. It, like my other Flex Innovations aircraft, was a joy to fly. After two flights I locked in the trim settings with Quick Trim. After a few more flights I changed from Sport to Expert. I love the way it flies and that I can put it in my SUV fully assembled. It’s a great aircraft.
    I enjoy all of my Flex aircraft, (I own/owned) 7 of them.
    I am not fond of the white foam pilots. I would like to be able to apply the graphics myself. They sometimes are wrinkled and have bubbles. These two minor criticisms aside this is a wonderful plane. I look forward to many enjoyable flights.

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