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Everyone wants more power and more flight time for their 10-class aircraft, but performance enhancements have always been limited by the power system and the 3S (11.1V) Li-Po’s they typically use. Going back to the drawing board, the Flex Innovations Team started over with a new idea: to use a totally redesigned power system, with a small, lightweight and inexpensive 6S (22.2V) Li-Po to totally revolutionize the performance of 10-class aircraft. What does this mean for you? No more dreaming, you really do get it all! More Power. More Flight Time. And most importantly; More Fun!

Designed by renowned biplane designer, F3A and 3D Aerobatic World Champion Quique Somenzini, the Mamba series of biplanes have been some of the most popular and highest-performing 3D aerobatic aircraft of all time. The Mamba 10 G2 takes that proven performance and track record to the next level. From the craziest of XA, to the smoothest 3D and precision, the Mamba 10 G2 bundles explosive power with longer flight times in a package that remains lightweight so you can get the most from it.


  • Extreme 3D and XA performance while remaining lightweight and friendly at slower speeds
  • New 6S (22.2V) Li-Po power system for more power and more flight time
  • (6) High-Voltage DS17HV servos installed, which provide incredible torque and speed for a more connected feel on the sticks
  • Designed by renowned biplane designer, Quique Somenzini
  • Aura 8 Advanced Flight Control System enhances the flight without ever feeling intrusive. It’s more than a gyro!
  • Flex 12 x 5E light weight wood propeller provides excellent thrust and fast throttle response
  • Crow (airbrakes) is enabled by default and adds additional fun. No mixing in the transmitter is required!
  • Shark Teeth leading edges provide better aileron control and help reduce tip stalls and wing rock in high-alpha flight
  • Innovative plywood sub-frame with easily removable battery tray
  • Potenza 20-3D 600Kv motor is optimized for 6S (22.2V) Li-Pos and XA/3D aerobatics
  • ZTW 50A ESC with 7.4V, 5A BEC included
  • Custom control horns for optimized throw and precision
  • One piece upper and lower wings
  • Factory applied trim scheme


Aura 8 Advanced Flight Control System

(6) DS17HV (High-Voltage) Servos

Crow (Airbrakes) Pre-Configured

Removable Battery Tray

Flex 12x5E Wood Propeller

Shark Teeth Leading Edges


  • Potenza 6S 1500mAh 45C battery (FPZB15006S45)
  • 7+ Channel Computer Radio recommended
  • Serial receiver
    • Spektrum 4651T SRXL2 Receiver
    • Spektrum 9745 Remote Receiver
    • Futaba R2001SB Receiver
    • Futaba R7303SB Receiver


  • Potenza Battery Analyzer (FPZA1010)
  • ISDT D2 Dual Charger (ISDTD2)
  • ZTW ESC Programming Card

Always check the WIKI for the latest Manual Updates, User Advise and other Information!

Length: 43.4 in. (1102 mm)
Wingspan: 40.7 in. (1033 mm)
Weight: 54 oz. (1540 grams) with 3S 2200mAh
Wing Area: 691.3 sq. in (44.6 sq. dm.)
Channels: 7+ (recommended)
Battery: 1300 to 1500 mAh 6S 45C+ LiPo

Mamba 10 G2 Support:

Spare Parts Wiki Support Manual Servo Connection Notice

Aura Support:

Aura Spare Parts Aura Config Tool Download Aura User Guide Aura Support Wiki


Mamba 10 G2 – Seth Arnold – RAW



Mamba 10 G2 Overview w/Quique Somenzini



6S Raw Power – EXPLAINED w/Quique Somenzini



Mamba 10 G2 – Lane Walker


Mamba10 G2 Optional Parts and Accessories


Mamba 10 G2 Replacement Parts

3 reviews for MAMBA 10 G2 SUPER PNP

  1. Chad deQuevedo (verified owner)

    I picked this up over the winter as a new grab and go park flier and have been flying the heck out of it even on really, really windy days. Like 25+ MPH windy days where I barely get any forward motion into the wind when it gusts and when you land you have to grab it before it tumbles away. This plane is solid all around. Scale, sport, 3D, wind surfing…it doesn’t matter. On 6S batteries it can climb or pull out of anything. The battery tray makes is so easy to get the battery in and your CG right every time. Having the advance setup with crow right out of the box was great too. I just added my SRXL2 sat, trimmed it on the maiden flight, and did the quick set. Flights 2 and beyond were all just fantastic. I can’t recommend the G2 enough.

  2. Joe Lossen (verified owner)

    Great flyer and very light weight but handles the wind very well. I did need to balance the prop a bit but was easy enough to sand the back of one blade a tad and off I went. found the landing gear wires to be a touch soft for grass landings and will bounce you some and bend back a bit on occasion. I hear critical rc is soon to offer a light weight carbon gear for this bird and I’m on the list.. also I was able to print up a few extra battery trays using my 3d printer. only my second design and it fit great. flex planes always fly well…thanks again joe in KY.

  3. evans11

    Purchased the Mamba 10G2 at SEFF this year. Long story, but the maiden didn’t go well, but since then, it’s been awesome and can do more than I could ever ask of it and is better than I’ll ever be. No complaints. Thx Flex for making a very fun plane to fly!!!

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