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ETA as of 5.8.24: late May



Flex Innovations is proud to introduce this exciting innovation for turbine aircraft

Turbine engines, especially the larger turbines, have the ability to generate ‘noise’ that can interact with modern MEMs gyro sensors. Typically this can result in control surface ‘jitter’ that is more noticeable as the gyro gain (gyro sensitivity) is increased. This often occurs only at specific throttle settings, typically found in the mid-range.

Flex Innovations has done extensive research and testing and is proud to offer our solution to this problem; the Aura Remote Sensor.

The Aura Remote Sensor is proven to greatly reduce the ability of this noise to affect the gyro’s performance. It is done remotely to minimize its size, allow the sensor to be mounted further from the engine, and to allow unfettered access to the core Aura Professional

The Aura Remote Sensor is hand-crafted specifically for this purpose. The sensor is isolated internally and the outer case can be hard mounted to a suitable orthogonal mounting platform in your model (see instructions for further details).


  • Carefully selected materials for maximum noise isolation
  • Built-in vibration protection for sensor
  • Mounting lugs for secure installation
  • Plug and play capability
  • Using the Aura Config Tool, you can customize the behavior in rare circumstances such as the plug being disconnected in flight.

Check for Issues

You can check any turbine aircraft with any gyro for ‘noise’ interactions by doing this:

With turbine running and aircraft restrained, set gyro gain to highest setting, sweep the throttle very slowly while watching for any uncommanded control surface jumps or movements. Do extra checking at mid and high throttles where it is most common.

Any uncommanded movements indicate a potential problem. Use a remote sensor and/or revise your installation before flight.

Always check the WIKI for the latest Manual Updates and User Advise and Information!


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