Bio: Seth Arnold

Growing up in Ohio around the motorcycle and four wheeler racing scene from his father’s racing, Seth began racing at a very young age. After several injuries between himself and his father, Seth’s father (Tom) decided it was time for a new, “safer” hobby. A short time later, Seth’s stepmother purchased his father a model airplane for his birthday in 2001. Within only a couple of weeks of learning to fly, Tom taught Seth to fly at the age of 11. After flying only a few weeks, it was evident that Seth’s skill in flying was progressing rather quickly, as he was quickly surpassing his father’s abilities.

Always wanting to learn, and trying to push himself further, Seth quickly fell in love with all forms of aerobatic flight, from skilled precision flight, to the “new age” 3D flight. He quickly began competing in many different regional aerobatic competitions, including IMAC and Freestyle events, among others. As he progressed through the classes, Seth continued placing at the top of each class, winning several IMAC competitions in (nearly) all classes, and winning several freestyle competitions along the way.

Around 2005, Seth and his father purchased a 102” Yak 54 from Quique and Wayne at Quique’s Aircraft Co. After the purchase, Seth and Quique stayed in contact, and Quique began to mentor Seth in his flying. With the help from Quique, his flying continuously to improved. From there, Seth continued to grow and perform well in many national and international competitions. Seth’s biggest competition results are:

  • Electric Tournament of Champions (ETOC) Winner - 2009
  • 3-Time Extreme Flight Championships (XFC) Winner – 2011, 2012, 2013
  • AMA IMAC Nationals Champion - 2008 AMA IMAC Nationals Freestyle Champion - 2008
  • Many other various competition podium finishes

In 2010, Seth moved to Champaign, IL to work as a Product Developer for Horizon Hobby. While at Horizon, Seth designed several popular models, and played a big role in several innovative technology developments like AS3X™, SAFE™ and many more. In 2015, Seth left Horizon, looking for more, and a while later joined Quique, David and Joe at Flex Innovations.

A few of Seth’s popular designs:

  • E-flite® UMX Extra 300 3D
  • ParkZone® Ultra Micro F4U Corsair
  • ParkZone® Ultra Micro Pole Cat
  • E-flite® UMX Hyper Taxi
  • E-flite® UMX Carbon Cub SS
  • E-flite® UMX ASK-21
  • ParkZone® Ultra Micro P-40 Warhawk
  • ParkZone® Ultra Micro Spitfire Mk IX
  • ParkZone® Ultra Micro Icon A5
  • ParkZone® Ultra Micro P-51
  • E-flite® UMX F4U Corsair
  • E-flite® UMX AS3Xtra
  • E-flite® UMX Pitts S-1
  • E-flite® UMX Spacewalker
  • E-flite® UMX PT-17
  • E-flite® UMX F-16
  • E-flite® Rare Bear
  • E-flite® Carbon-Z T-28
  • E-flite® UMX P-47 BL
  • Hangar 9® Extra 330SC 60E
  • E-flite® UMX J-3 Cub

Seth is happy to be living in year-round sunshine, in North Port, Florida, with his wife Melissa. He is happy to be a part of an amazing, talented team of individuals, with a passion for producing some of the greatest and most innovative products for the hobby industry. Seth says he is excited for this future journey, and is excited to help make the customers have the most enjoyable hobby experience they can have.

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