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QQ Yak 54 35cc ARF

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List Price: $499.99 for ARF
Our Price: $399.99 for ARF
Savings: $100.00

Availability: Coming Late March of 2017!
Product Code: FPM12

Completion Level Yak 54 35cc

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ARF Airframe Yak 54 35cc-  $399.99 Save $100
ARF Combo Yak 54 35cc-  $799.99 Save $352
ARF Electric Super Combo Yak 54 35cc-  $1149.99 Save $426
ARF Gas Super Combo Yak 54 35cc-  $1349.99 Save $451

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The QQ Yak 54 35cc™ is based on the very successful Yak 54 series previously produced by Quique’s Aircraft Company during the 2000’s (pictured here at left). Quique Somenzini, 4 time TOC Champion and F3A World Champion, designed the original QQAC Yak 54 series, and now has used his many years of additional experience to develop the next generation of the QQ Yak 54.

The QQ Yak 54 35cc™ features lightweight balsa, plywood, and carbon construction with innovative aerodynamics to offer extreme 3D and tumbling performance along with predictable and precise handling.

The innovative 'Shark Teeth' leading edge softens the stall at the tip and greatly reduces wing rock. The full-length aileron counter-balances offer high roll rates, even at lower airspeeds. Light wing loading is key to great 3D performance. The oversize fuselage gives to the Yak a truly “50cc presence” in the air and as bonus the engine cylinder head remains inside of the cowling.

Quality components like G-10 custom control horns and genuine Oracover covering help complete the package.

Note: Some images show optional carbon fiber landing gear.

  • 3D Unlimited Performance
  • Superlight Rigid Airframe
  • Balsa and Plywood construction
  • Custom G10 Control Horns for Optimized Throw and Precision
  • Painted Fiberglass Wheel Pants and Cowling
  • Main Hatch removable with one Latch
  • Factory applied trim scheme in genuine Oracover®
  • Aluminum Main Landing Gear
  • Optional 'Shark Teeth' Leading Edge for Wing Rock reduction and enhanced low speed control
  • Two equipment trays provided to allow gas or electric options to be installed at any time. Removeable for great access.
  • Full chord Aileron counter-balances alow massive roll rate during harrier rolls and maximum control during slow/high alpha flight.
  • Optional SFG's Included
  • Protective Wing Bags Included
  • Decorative Decals Included
  • Printed Manual
  • Carbon Fiber Landing Gear (FPM1208)
ARF Combo Includes All ARF Features PLUS:
  • Aura 8 - Advanced Flight Control System
  • (5) Potenza DS22209 Digital HV Servos
    • Digital, High Voltage, Titanium Gears, Coreless Motor, Aluminum Middle Case
    • 16 kg-cm (222 oz-in) Torque, 0.09 sec/60° (@8.4 volts)
  • (2) Single Side 1-3/4 inch and Aluminum Servo Arms
  • (2) Single Side 1-1/4 inch and Aluminum Servo Arms
  • (1) Double Sided 1-1/2 inch (radius) Aluminum Servo Arm
ARF Electric Super Combo Includes All ARF Combo items PLUS:
  • Potenza 200 Electric Motor
  • Castle Phoenix 80 HV ESC
ARF Gas Super Combo Includes All ARF Combo items PLUS:
  • DA35 Gas Engine
  • DA35 Pitts Muffler
  • (1) Potenza DS22209 Digital HV Servo (Throttle)

22 Ferrari Red
HANU866 True Red
33 Cadmium Yellow
HANU872 Bright Yellow
50 Blue
HANU873 Deep Blue
10 White
HANU870 White

Key Features

Wing Tip Aileron

Convenient Hatch Latch

Shark Teeth Leading Edge

Alternate Trays

Large Hatch

Electric or Gas!

  • Aura 8 AFCS (FPZAURA08)
  • (2) 2S 1300 25C LiPo (Rx) (FPZBR13002S25)
  • (5) Potenza DS22209 Digital HV Servos (FPZDS22209HV)
  • (2) Potenza 25T 1-1/4" Single-Sided Servo Arm (FPZA0007)
  • (2) Potenza 25T 1-3/4" Single-Sided Servo Arm (FPZA0003)
  • (1) Potenza 25T 1-1/4" (radius) Double-Sided Servo Arm (FPZA0004)
  • 3-3/4" Spinner (your choice/see manual)
  • 6+ Channel Computer Transmitter with adjustable D/R and Expo
  • 6+ Channel Radio Receiver (see manual)
  • Misc Servo Extensions (see manual)
  • DA 35cc Gas Engine (FPZDA35)
  • DA 35cc Pitts Muffler (FPMDA35MUFLR)
  • 2S 1300 25C LiPo (Ignition) (FPZBR12002S25)
  • 20" x 8 Falcon Wood Prop (FPMPFC2008)
  • Throttle Servo (#6) (FPZDS22209HV)
  • Choke Servo (#7 if desired) (FPZDS22209HV)
  • Potenza 200 175kv Motor (FPZM10200A)
  • (2) 6S 4200 40C LiPo with EC5 (FPZB42006S40)
  • Phoenix Edge 80HV ESC (FPZPHXEDGE80HV)
  • 21" x 11 APC Prop
  • EC5 Series Y-harness (for making 12S)
See manual for minor completion items

Always check the WIKI for the latest Manual Updates and User Advise and Information!

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